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The Politics of Adult

My space to rant about how politics and adult topics go together more than most people realize.

Political Anti-Sexuality Movements

Does anyone notice that there are no politicians that avoid issues of sex? There is always a sexual topic involved in politics and elections. Abortion issue. Gay Marriage Issue. Sexual age of consent. Marriage Age of Consent.

Look at the Cosby situation (yeah, I know, that will inflame a few people). It is being touted as a politically motivated prosecution. Forget all the facts for a moment - and consider only this fact: Cosby was promised that he would not be charged for his cooperation in those depositions years ago. Get a new DA, and weeks before the Statute of Limitations is to expire, Cosby is charged.

"Mr. Obama, who had said since late 2010 that his position on the issue was “evolving,” finally proclaimed his support for same-sex marriage only after Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. did so first in a television interview." It is believed that Obama would not have made any announcements had Biden not stepped up to the plate first. Politics. Bah Humbug.

How about sex trafficking -- the most political sexual war created; this is the replacement for the war on drugs. Sex. No one comes out in support of sexual proclivities -- they are all against it.

Remember "wide-stance" Senator Larry Craig, a closeted homosexual; caught in a sting in a public bathroom trying to make contact with the man in the next stall. Did I forget to say that Craig ran on the "religious right" ticket and was anti-homosexuality?

A few years later, he was ordered to pay $242,000 to the Treasury for using public CAMPAIGN money to defend his arrest for solicitation.

There are dozens, but I will include one more ... David Vitter, another religious right crusader, caught in the book of "johns" by a well known prostitute. "I have sinned! I have sinned!. Yeah, you are a sin. He figures it will go away if he doesn't talk about it. It won't go away you political scumbag.

I could about a dozen more. But I get bored with the hypocrisy of "political" people. That is why I hope Trump wins - the first NON politician. I can't wait.

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